Friday, July 23, 2010

This may become an issue...

Tonight I accompanied my husband at the culminating activity of Baylor Line Camp which is a mock Sing performance. Whilst watching the performances I began to see people from Abilene on stage, people who aren't incoming freshman at Baylor, people who in no way possible could be performing at Baylor Line Camp Sing.

There might be something wrong with me...I miss people so much I'm hallucinating. If I see Francis Brown then I better get put in a mental hospital.

On a non psychosis note...
I took pictures of Jimmy's and my new apartment and I will explain what is going on what all that stuff.


if you people show up in my dreams...i don't know what i'll do...possibly just wake up happy

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ok so I suck at keeping up with this but here's the rest of the tiny apartment

So the last time I posted anything was a looooong time ago and I have realized that when I am on my feet for an extended period of time trying to recall what all is on the "Santa Fe Sandwich" and if we can substitute a cup of fruit for the chips and's not easy for my brain to remember all this crap...the last thing that is appealing to me is trying to come up with witty jargon to fill the pages of this lemony blog. Therefore there has been nothing, my apologies. But I've had three days off and so I thought I'd show ya'll the rest of the apartment!

ok so here's what you see when you walk out of the kitchen and go towards the bedroom.

Thank the lord for a sleeping mask (and I need to invest in a new one...they have owl ones on Etsy...PAY ME OLIVE BRANCH!) because when Jimmy is doing homework with the light on in the living room the light comes through the book thank the Lord for a sleeping mask!

umm what is that I have no idea how any of this got there...we are organized uncluttered must have been a gnome, but not a good medical one like David, a fiendish one...possibly named parlay

Here's the bedroom! I doctored up that head board with the help of Lauren Baker..she's pretty handy...and attractive.

And my other handy and attractive friend who lives far away and whom I miss terribly painted this...

Isn't it cute and amazing! Thanks Jackie!!

Here's what it looks like when you walk towards the bathroom...

and here's the little area that if I didn't have to myself I would probably go crazy in here...I think I should bestow the name "sanity spot" to this little area.

and here's the tiny bathroom...but I mean it gets the job done.

number one thing i'm looking forward to when moving is having one other bathroom so that when Jimmy and I come home and he b-lines it straight for the bathroom and i didn't speak up fast enough to say..WAAAIIIT i'll be faster...I just have to peeeee!! I won't be s.o.l. with my legs crossed.

Which the subject of the new apartment is a sort of touchy one...there have been large issues...I think I should drive by there and take pictures so you can see what I'm talking about.

On that note I promise I won't take forever to write again!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Shoe Box

Welcome to our lovely shoe box apartment where the space is tight but the love makes it all ok (most days) :) I always talk about the layout of this place so I figured I would post some pictures of it! The only rule of the tour is that you cannot judge us or we will be in a fight.

This is what you see when you first walk in the front door of the apartment...yes that is the bedroom just beyond the over stocked bookshelf

This is what you see when you look to the left from the front door

and then what you see when you are standing in the doorway of the kitchen!

This is looking into the kitchen from the door way (the living room is behind you) and the majority of our food is in the cabinet…Thank you Alexanders for giving us that ADORABLE sign!

Pay no attention to the clutter beside the cabinet...

like I said if you judge us we might be fighting

Here's where we keep our dishes and such, and this is my food prep space...

and this is the little space that I loooooove in the morning...

some people have a cow creamer...I have a spelnda cow, her name is Elsie.

This is the sink and Jimmy got that light at Ikea when we were in Dallas so we could see when do the dishes.

Right next to the sink is our mini fridge...we can't fit a full sized frozen pizza in the freezer...oh shoe box.

This is where we keep all of the pots and pans above the stove...we got the racks at Ikea and in this month's issue of country living there was a kitchen that had these racks...We are ahead of the country living curve (or that is what I like to tell myself)

Here's the stove with the salt and pepper shakers that I got off Etsy.

And here’s the same picture again with the "S" turned the right way...whoops

Well that concludes the tour of the front half of the shoe box, tomorrow (after I'm done working) I will conclude the tour with what is on the other side of the over packed bookshelf!

p.s. first day at olive branch was pretty good...there will be posts about all that later

Monday, June 28, 2010

So it's on to the next phase...

Molly Pope has always told me that there are crucial steps in life...

1. Graduate College
2. Get married
3. Start a blog
4. Have a baby

I have taken my time with steps 1 and 2 but I figured I should get a move on with 3...not quite at step 4 yet...unless we wanted to use a dresser drawer for a crib due to the fact that we currently live in a shoe box (oh don't worry there are photos to come)

Here are a couple things that have taken place since we have been back from our Montana Adventure honey moon...

I got a job with Midway as the Varsity Cheer coach
I took kids to camp (not just girls, I have two gotta watch that)
I was in a wedding
I got another job at a bakery breakfast lunch joint called the Olive Branch (that's a new one...I start on Wednesday)
I turned 26
I saw Wicked
I cut my finger whilst cutting tomatoes (ok so that's not that important but my finger hurts)
and last but not least I decided to start this blog.

More to come....